RESESS is a EarthScope hosted, NSF funded summer internship program that is dedicated to increasing diversity in geosciences. There are two branches of the RESESS program, Boulder and Satellite, which offer similar but unique opportunities for students.  

RESESS Boulder is the traditional internship program, that began in 2005. In this program, interns are based in Boulder, CO for 11 weeks, and work with mentors from University of Colorado Boulder faculty or Colorado School of Mines.  This program will operates mid May to early August

RESESS Satellite was a new hybrid program that began the summer of 2022. In this program an intern cohort are based at a EarthScope member institution to work with mentors for 5 weeks, and complete remaining 6 weeks remotely.  This program operates June to late August

2019 UNAVCO intern cohort huddles together to look at something on the ground.
2019 intern field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

The goal of the RESESS internship program is to increase the number of students from groups that are underrepresented in the geosciences relative to their proportions in the general population.

RESESS encourages applications from individuals who are members of a group that is historically underrepresented in the Earth sciences, including students with disabilities, non-traditional students, and students who are Black or African American, American Indian or Native Pacific Islanders, Hispanic or Latinos, and others.

2019 RESESS intern Brianna Green giving a thumbs up and smile at the camera with a data plot on her computer.
2019 RESESS intern, Brianna Green, doing project research at University of Colorado-Boulder

We introduce students to scientific research, prepare students for graduate school and professional careers in Earth science, and provide support and encouragement as students build skills and confidence. Students experience an authentic research experience and are encouraged to consider careers in Earth science, whether that is in research, teaching, or industry. Students can participate for up to two years.

RESESS is administered by EarthScope and funded by the GAGE Facility. The RESESS team is comprised of EarthScope staff, University of Colorado-Boulder and Colorado School of Mines faculty and graduate students, and other local scientific agencies. The RESESS team is dedicated to supporting interns during the summer and through the academic year. In return, interns are expected to work hard, ask questions, and leverage this opportunity to learn about scientific research, graduate school, and professional career options.

Where: Boulder, Colorado
When: Summer 

2021 RESESS Interns (L to R Zully Cabrera Gomez, Shana Egan, Skye Fernandez, Alex Nguyen, Shams Ahmed, Sam Motz, Phillip Choi) standing at Red Rocks Park
RESESS interns (L to R Zully Cabrera Gomez, Shana Egan, Skye Fernandez, Alex Nguyen, Shams Ahmed, Sam Motz, Phillip Choi)