RESESS Communications Seminar

Summer 2020

Download the comprehensive RESESS Communication Seminar Syllabus


The purpose of the class is to explore non-academic communications as a student and a scientist. How can you best communicate your work to the public? How can you best present yourself to potential advisors and employers? How can you manage your public image in this mixed public-private digital age? Communicating to non-scientists effectively is critical for broadening the impact of your work—as well as getting a job!

  1. Give you the tools you need to make a broader impact with your science, starting now.
  2. Improve your confidence in public speaking and using social media for outreach.
  3. Improve your professional presence online, including on LinkedIn.
  4. Give you the tools you need to apply for a job or graduate school, including tips on professional communication and how to sell yourself over e-mail, phone, at meetings, in applications, and in interviews.
  5. Have fun!

Location and time:

Please check the syllabus, your notes, or the website before the seminar to make sure you come prepared.