Zulliet Cabrera Gomez

Zulliet Cabrera Gomez


Years participated in RESESS:
2020 & 2021

An Overview

Major: Geology and Geography
Academic Affiliation: State University of New York at Oneonta
Research Mentors: Dr. Ellen Alexander
Communications Mentor: Ellie Hara


Zulliet is a rising senior at State University of New York College at Oneonta and is pursuing a career in geology. Zulliet is a first generation student who became inspired by the geosciences through an earth science class she took in highschool. Coming from the city, she had little to no exposure to nature and became really interested in geology when she went to a suburban college where she was able to explore her surroundings. She soon thereafter expressed interest in volcanology where she pursued research internships at UNAVCO and has been a RESESS intern for two years now. This summer Zulliet will be investigating the changes in crustal density of the Colorado Plateau triggered by the syn-Laramide hydration.