Teodora Mitroi

Teodora Mitroi

Years participated in RESESS:

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An Overview

Major: Applied Mathematics
Academic Affiliation: Georgia State University
Research Mentors: Kamini Singha and Megan Doughty
Communications Mentor: Nadine Reitman


Teodora's passion for nature and interest in applied mathematics was combined when she discovered geophysics. Born in Romania, raised in Georgia, she seeks to travel the world to observe and study numerous Earthly processes with a numerical perspective.


Imaging the Subsurface: The Effect of Logjams on Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange

Conventional methods of quantifying subsurface interactions in streams are often insufficient in characterizing hydrological processes and demand better techniques to measure complex dynamics. Point-measurements are incomplete and do not provide direct data on hyporheic exchange, a mixing of surface and subsurface water under and around a stream capable of influencing ecosystem processes. Fortunately, geophysical techniques can improve analysis of the hyporheic zone. For the first time in a field setting, we apply electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) to a mountainous stream below a channel-spanning logjam to estimate the extent of hyporheic exchange. Previous studies suggest logjams increase hydraulic resistance and drive water deeper into the hyporheic zone; our results imply water remains in the subsurface longer around a logjam, thus increasing a stream’s ability to process nutrients and solutes. A comparison between fluid conductivity and bulk conductivity proved ERI as a more spatially comprehensive technique in quantifying the extent of hyporheic exchange. These results highlight the critical role that logjams play in hyporheic zone dynamics, which could affect ecosystem health: future applications of this study can aid in conserving, managing, and restoring riverine systems.