Theron Sowers

Theron Sowers

Years participated in RESESS:

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An Overview

Major: Geology
Academic Affiliation: California State University Sacramento
Research Mentor: Oliver Boyd
Communications Mentor: Phil Orlandini


Theron is currently pursuing a B.S in Geology at California State University, Sacramento. After growing up in a small mining town in Northern California and spending her weekends rock hounding, Theron discovered a passion for geology during a ten-day geologic field trip through the local community college. Her research interests lie in big-picture geology: what are the stories that the rocks have to tell. This translates well into using geochemistry to investigate tectonics. This summer, Theron worked to develop a petrologic database that will be part of the USGS National Crustal Model, which will provide a critical update to the USGS National Seismic Hazard Model and Map.