Shradhanjli Ravikumar


Years participated in RESESS: 2023, 2022


An Overview

Program: RESESS Satellite, RESESS Boulder

Major: Astrobiology

Academic Affiliation: Arizona State University


Shradha Ravikumar is a recent graduate of Arizona State University (B.S. Astrobiology & Biogeosciences; minor: Astrophysics) and a second-year RESESS intern. In the summer of 2022, she worked at the Colorado School of Mines under Dr Kamini Singha to study the relationship between groundwater residence time and stream hydraulic conductivity in the Manitou Experimental Forest.In the summer of 2023 she is working at Georgia Tech under the mentorship of Dr. Shi Joyce Sim, where her project involves using geodynamical modeling techniques to determine how different factors in tectonic plate cooling affect the depths of mid-ocean ridges. In the future, she aims to earn a PhD and pursue
geophysics research in order to study planetary interiors.

She is especially interested in studying planetary habitability from a geologic perspective, and she plans on attending graduate school to conduct further research in that vein. While she is just beginning her career in planetary science, she hopes to combine her love for research with her enthusiasm for education and science outreach.