Michela Savignano

Michela Savignano


Years participated in RESESS: 2022

An Overview

Program: RESESS Satellite

Major: Geology-Chemistry

Academic Affiliation: Brown University


Michela Savignano will be graduating this fall from Brown University with a BS in Geology-Chemistry.  At Brown, Michela works with Dr. Laurence Smith in the Northern Change Research Lab where she uses remotely sensed data and geospatial analysis to study methane ebullition from Arctic lakes.  Last summer, she participated in the Juneau Icefield Research Program, where she conducted glaciology field work and studied the isotope geochemistry of the Juneau Icefield.  Michela’s RESESS project uses InSAR to investigate subsidence on the Pumice Plain of Mount St. Helens since the 1980 eruption; she is working with Dr. David Schmidt.  Following her graduation, Michela hopes to attend graduate school to study glaciology and, eventually, to become a professor.