Angelica Bonanno


Years participated in RESESS: 2022

An Overview

Program: RESESS Satellite

Major: Geology

Academic Affiliation: Bryn Mawr College


Angelica Bonanno (she/they) is a recent graduate from Bryn Mawr College where they received a B.A. in Geology. During her senior year, they completed a senior thesis capstone on the Laramide Orogeny with Dr. Arlo Weil, using layer-parallel shortening directions generated from minor fault and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility data to support the flat-slab subduction model. She is joining UNAVCO’s pilot RESESS Satellite program with the summer of 2022 cohort to research seismic anisotropy of amphiboles in subduction zones with Dr. Cailey Condit (PI) and Jason Ott (PhD student) at the University of Washington, Seattle. Angelica hopes to pursue a PhD with the goal of being a professor of geology.