Week 6 – Methods sections; Posters, visuals and abstracts

Friday, June 30

10:00-11:15 Guided peer review of methods sections
11:20-12:00 Looking ahead to the results and discussion sections. Clarifying/revising your claim: what will research permit you to argue? How results and discussion sections relate to introduction section.
How to write the abstract and develop the graphics for the RESESS calendar.
Tips on PowerPoint, posters, and abstracts.

Handouts to be discussed
Due dates

Due Friday, July 7 at Writing Workshop
Develop (and rehearse!) a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on your introduction (problem statement), methods, and relevance. Roughly 10 minutes.
Read Hofmann, chapter 28, on oral presentations

Reading due Thursday, July 13 at Writing Workshop

  • Writing a statement of purpose or statement of research interest (handout)