Week 1 – Initial Orientation

Monday, May 22
UNAVCO Classroom

Rhetorical focus:
Overview of summer writing workshop activities; Why Writing Matters in a Research Project

Handouts to be discussed on May 22

Friday, May 26
UNAVCO Classroom

Rhetorical focus:
Getting started: developing a work plan and drafting a prospectus/mini-lit-review.

Handouts to be discussed on May 26 Due dates

Due Thursday, June 8 by noon:

  • Develop a tentative project work plan (1 page) with your research mentor
  • Write a short prospectus of your research project, that also incorporates reference to 2-4 articles or background readings (total of about 3 double-spaced pages).
  • Send both documents to RESESS2017gmail.com

Due Friday, June 9: